1000+ Nasi Bungkus


1000+ Nasi Bungkus

The last two years have been a challenging time. Due to the pandemic many have experience income uncertainty and food insecurity. YuPeduli wants to contribute to the solution, that is why weve started the Yupeduli Event to share 1000+ Nasi Bungkus. Why are we holding this movement? Because we want to help people affected by the pandemic by distributing food to them. You can participate by donating, even if its small but it means a lot to those in need. Any size donation is welcome; however if you can, we encourage you to donate 5 juta and cover the costs of 1000 Nasi Bungkus. Our target for this campaign is 50 million rupiah which will mean 5000 Rice Packs are delivered. Your participation is our motivation and your donation is the solution to this hunger. Join us and lets do something great.


Disclaimer: Please note that this donation drive is intended solely for the YUPEDULI community and is not open to the general public. Donations are limited to members of the YUPEDULI community.



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